Supporting Craftspeople

We work together and collaborate to support the trade, from training and development to investing in makers who live, work, create and learn in the UK. Read more below to find out how.

The Goldsmiths’ Centre

“We offer young people (aged 16 to 24) the opportunity to start a career working with precious metals. It’s a traditional apprenticeship, where young people learn traditional handmaking skills such as chasing, spinning and enamelling. Ancient crafts and techniques that are still used today in the making of fine jewellery and contemporary silver.”
Helen Dobson, Programme Manager at the Goldsmiths’ Centre

Founded in 2012, The Goldsmiths’ Centre trains and educates 16  to  24-year-olds in our craft and trade, providing young people with an opportunity to have a career in the jewellery and silversmithing industries. Opportunities include the Goldsmiths’ Company Apprenticeship Scheme and the Foundation Programme. 

Foundation Programme 2015-2016, © Julia Skupny, The Goldsmiths’ Centre

The Goldsmiths’ Company Collection

"The Company's pioneering support for contemporary makers through competitions, acquisitions and commissioning plays an important part in enhancing the vitality of design and craftsmanship in silver, jewellery and art medals into the 21st century." - Dr Dora Thornton, The Goldsmiths' Company Curator

Our Collection comprises works of art of world class importance, including stunning historic and contemporary gold and silver plate, jewellery, and art medals. We hold exhibitions around the country and regularly loan pieces to museums and galleries in the UK and overseas. Supporting craftspeople is also achieved through competitions, acquisitions, and the commissioning of contemporary works. 

Gillian Packard, Engagement and Wedding Ring 1964, The Goldsmiths' Company Collection

Goldsmiths’ Fair

"Goldsmiths' Fair put me in touch with many of my most enduring clients, and is extremely important to so many makers, including myself, in a time when we need as many high quality venues as possible to show our work. I would not exist without it." - Zoe Arnold, Goldsmiths' Fair Exhibitor

Goldsmiths’ Fair is an annual selling event, highlighting work by some of the most talented and exciting jewellers and silversmiths working in the UK today. As a respected event in the international fine jewellery and silver calendar, the Fair provides an important platform for emerging and established makers, some of whom get selected to be included in the Collection.

Goldsmiths' Fair 2019, Photography by Paul Read

Goldsmiths’ Stories

Stories of craftspeople and creativity 
Told by the Goldsmiths' Company

Created in response to the coronavirus pandemic, Goldsmiths’ Stories now exists as a new home for long form content about craftspeople and creativity, centred on makers and how their inspirations and histories have informed their practices. 

Hiroshi Suzuki, Photography by Laurence Rundell