Riviera Jug

2008 ‘Riviera’ Jug by Richard Fox

Fabricated, seamed, with computer engraved fluted spout. Turned tulip wood handle. Designed for production. Maker’s mark: Richard Fox. Measurements: Height 27.5 cm. Width: 25 cm.

“In 2007 Contemporary British Silversmiths held an International Symposium at Aston University in Birmingham called ‘Connect’. As part of the event it was decided to ask the members to create a new piece of work on the theme of dining in response to one of two objects: a simple white porcelain bowl, designed by Jasper Conran and manufactured by Tudor Crystal. Cookson Precious metals provided up to a kilo of silver for each of the 40 participating silversmiths.

Riviera Jug

I chose the Tudor Crystal glass which had ornate glass engravings of flowers on the sides and a star burst engraved into the base. I wanted to create a design which contrasted between the highly decorative finish of the glass and the bold form of the jug. The star burst detail was carried through into the computer engraved flutes that cut through the body creating the spout which, in contrast to the highly polished body, is matt finished. The form is a ‘simple’ wrap from a rectangular sheet of silver with the flutes cutting through the wrap to create the spout. The inside of the jug is 24ct hard gold plated and the jug has a tulip wood handle. Whether for Champagne or for Pimms, the design required a name synonymous with elegance hence ‘Riviera’”. Richard Fox, 2015. Purchased by the Company.

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