Millennium Bowl

1999 ‘Millennium Bowl’ by Toby Russell

Bowl consisting of 14 leaves created by scoring, folding and block forming. Polished by Reg Elliot of Elliot Fitzpatrick Ltd. Maker’s mark: Toby Russell. Measurements: Height 20 cm. Diameter 44 cm.

Inspired by engineered matching structures and rhythmic patterns of natural forms. The concept here is to reflect a visual balance of opposing elements. The artist silversmith was conscious of the balance between technological sophistication and the preservation of the natural world being issues considered critical at the turn of the new century in 2000.

This bowl was commissioned from Toby Russell when he was 36 years old by the Goldsmiths’ Company to celebrate the Millennium. One of the four major Millennium commissions, the bowl featured in the Company’s exhibition ‘Treasures of the Twentieth Century’ where a third of the Company’s Modern Collections represented the 20th century. Commissioned for the Millennium by the Company.

Millennium Bowl

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