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The Modern Jewellery Collection is a unique and consistent collection of innovative studio jewellery by creative individuals expressing their artistry in precious metals.

In 1961, the landmark ‘International Exhibition of Modern Jewellery 1890-1961’ at Goldsmiths Hall initiated the modern jewellery collection at the Hall and at the Victoria & Albert Museum. De Beers Diamonds gave £12,000 to sponsor an open national competition to stimulate advanced British Jewellery Design, stating that such designs should be “both experimental and beautiful, frankly belonging to 1961, which would not have been made at any other time; as uninhibited as modern sculpture, or fashion; individual, imaginative and smart”. Such jewels did not exist at this time. The exhibition was a revelation of the potential of the craft and a new respect was gained for it.

From 1961 until 1981, the acquisition policy was dominated by the force of Graham Hughes, Art Director at the Goldsmiths’ Company. From 1981 to present day the acquisition policy has been overseen by the Modern Collections Committee, guided by the Curator, in conjunction with an expert and nationally-renowned modern jewellery advisor. Such advisors have served for periods of up to 6 years, and include David Thomas, John Donald, Jacqueline Mina, Charlotte De Syllas and Daphne Krinos.

The Collection Today

The Collection includes over 500 modern British jewels and more than 80 modern foreign jewels. The Company continues to commission and purchase pieces from both established and emerging jewellers working today in precious metal. 

Jewels entering the Collection should be in precious metals and show above all the creative individuality of the studio artist jeweller. The Collection does not focus on the branded names of Cartier, Tiffany etc., but on contemporary studio art jewellery in precious metals. As a result, such jewels retain their value for their craftsmanship and creativity, and not for their precious metal content or set stones.

Brooch, 2003, De Vroomen Design: 18ct yellow gold and enamel, set with 19 diamonds

Highlights from the Collection


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