Antique Collection

The historic collection dates from the 15th century to 1990 and includes internationally renowned masterpieces, including work by Paul de Lamerie.

1493 Cup

The earliest hallmarked item in the collection and one of the earliest pieces of fully marked secular plate.

1503 Cressener Cup

The cup is untouched and has never been re-gilded. It is the earliest known cup and cover still in its original condition and only known instance of the date mark for 1503.

1554 Bowes Cup

The cup is known as Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation Cup. The lid finial has a female figure holding an enamelled shield with the coat of arms of Sir Martin Bowes.

1576 Gibbon Salt

Figure of Neptune within rock crystal with standing ionic columns. Inscribed “the guift of Simon Gibbon, Goldsmith, 1632.”

1601 Roger’s Salt

Gift of Richard Rogers, 1632. With the arms of the Goldsmith’s Company, an escutcheon inscribed ‘Ric Rogers Comptroller of the Mint.’

1661 Tankard

Engraved with the inscription “This pott was made of ye silver of ye canopie when Kinge Charles ye 2d was crowned, Aprill 23d 1661.”

c.1662 Seymour Salt

This salt is described in Pepy’s Diary dated 27th April, 1662 as seen by him at the Mayor’s house in Portsmouth where it was on view prior to presentation to the Queen.

1719 Tea, Chocolate and Kettle

This meticulously crafted silver kettle, by Joseph Ward, includes the arms of Ilbert of Ilfracombe, Devon, denoting the high social status of its original owner.

1741 Dish and Ewer

The silversmith’s exceptional skill is displayed by his mastery use of cast in high relief, and chased decoration to produce a design in the new fashionable Rococo style.

1741 Inkstand, and 1666 Bell

The inkstand was made for the Company in 1741 by Paul de Lamerie at the same time that the dish and ewer in the collection were commissioned.

1810 Pair of Wine Coolers

These wine coolers are in the style of an antique marble Roman Campana vase. Originally in the possession of the third Earl of Hardwicke.

1898 Dish by Gilbert Marks

Marks had a short but prominent career; but was regarded as one of the most skilled silversmith of his generation.

1902 Bowl by Charles Robert Ashbee Guild of Handicraft

The practical idealist C.R. Ashbee founded the Guild of Handicraft in 1888.

1926 Cup and Cover – design for Royal Ascot King’s Gold Vase

Edward Spencer, Director of the Artificers’ Guild, was a visionary within the Arts & Crafts Movement.

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