Update on progress: Addressing diversity in the Goldsmiths’ Company

We are a Livery Company and membership organisation which has contributed to national life for nearly 700 years. We support our craft and trade and the people in it; we protect consumers through hallmarking; and we work with charitable partners to help improve lives.


To achieve our ambitions, we strive for excellence in everything we do and aim to make a positive and lasting impact. Our values include a strong commitment to equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) and we are committed to becoming a more diverse organisation. Last year we issued a public statement outlining five steps we were taking to address EDI issues.

1. Improve diversity in the Company and Charity
2. Support Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) jewellers and silversmiths
3. Provide financial support through the Goldsmiths’ Company Charity
4. Understand our history and possible connections to the transatlantic slave trade
5. Listen and continue to learn from the experiences of others

One year on, we have produced an update on progress for our members, staff and others who may be interested. It gives details of what we have done across the ‘Goldsmiths’ family’ – the Company, its Charity, the Assay Office and the Goldsmiths’ Centre. It also highlights our intentions for the next several years, including the collection of more nuanced diversity data, launching a policy on EDI, and highlighting the EDI implications of any proposed course of action.

We recognise that change will be gradual and that some things will take time, particularly since membership of the Company is for life and each year we can only welcome some 20 new members. However, I hope that you will agree that this progress report shows that we are taking steps to move in the right direction, adapting to a rapidly changing world to ensure that we remain true to our core purpose, contributing effectively to national life.

Dame Lynne Brindley
Prime Warden, The Goldsmiths' Company

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