The UK Jewellery 'Census'

The Goldsmiths’ Company has helped launch exciting new research to find out what motivates people to buy jewellery. You can help us support the trade and industry by taking part in the survey.

In order for the UK jewellery trade to be amongst the most vibrant and successful in the world we need to ensure that jewellers have access to accurate, up-to-date data so that they can meet the demands and expectations of today’s consumers.

So as part of our near seven-century long commitment to support the trade and industry we’re proud to be collaborating with the National Association of Jewellers and the Company of Master Jewellers to launch one of the largest consumer research activities to take place within the jewellery industry. The UK Jewellery ‘Census’ is seeking to find out the reasons why people buy jewellery and their motivations for doing so.

Members of the research group

All three organisations will be calling upon their audience to share the survey to increase the number of responses and ensure that the data produced is the most significant to have taken place in the last five years.

This means your help is vital to the success of the research.

The results will have a national impact, helping jewellery businesses make better decisions when it comes to selling jewellery and understanding their customer base. When this relationship prospers, the industry at large thrives, creating demand for the work of jewellers across the country.

This type of activity is also part of an on-going strategy to build the right kinds of partnerships, working together to achieve common aims that have nation-wide benefits.

If you would like to take the survey, and help us with this objective, please click the button below.