Tuesday 1 March, 2022

Contributing to national life: The Goldsmiths' Company in the media

Discover the story of the Goldsmiths' Company and its role in national life as told through recent media coverage, from protecting consumers through the Assay Office, The Trial of the Pyx and the creation of the Queen's Platinum Jubilee Mark, to our pioneering support for craftspeople through Goldsmiths' Fair and the Goldsmiths' Company Collection.

Everything you need to know about the City of London’s Great 12 Livery Companies

"The Goldsmiths’ Company was founded to regulate the trade of the Goldsmith, and has been responsible for testing the quality of gold and silver since 1300. In recent years they’ve branched out, testing the quality of platinum and palladium (the metal, not the venue). They coined the term ‘hallmark’ from when Goldsmiths would bring their wares to the hall for assaying and marking; and the hallmark of a good coin is that it sails successfully through The Trial of the Pyx. This Lord of the Rings-sounding process is simply how the Company tests the coinage produced by the Royal Mint, and is one that still occurs today. Based out of Foster Lane, the Goldsmiths’ Company also supports charities and educational projects, as well as boasting the only dedicated library to silver and jewellery in the country." - Rochelle Thomas

Why "Slow Jewellery' is the next big trend

"Take a look at the jewellery you’re wearing. You almost certainly know who designed it, but do you know who actually made it? Most jewellery is designed by one person and made by many others in a process that’s often hidden away, at best in a small workshop in the UK, at worst mass-produced in another country. But in these times of slow fashion, jewellery that is designed and made by the same person is having a moment.

Luckily, jewellery-makers in the UK have an established network of support, most notably from the Goldsmiths’ Company, which was founded in 1327." - Jessica Diamond 

Goldsmiths’ Company library introduces new digital catalogue

"Silversmith Patrick Davison: 'The Goldsmiths’ Company Library has been a deeply valuable resource to me in my career so far. The generous staff have made each appointment an effortless experience, allowing the natural pleasure and curiosity that research generates to be the central point of the visits. I have researched a range of subjects including Etruscan jewellery, gold snuff boxes, silver cutlery and the use and manufacture of niello.'" 


Antiques Trade Gazette, December 2021

The Goldsmiths’ Company library in the City of London is undertaking a five-year project to create a digital catalogue of its 15,000 books and journals which span 700 years of history.

In London, the Goldsmiths’ Company Gets Ready to Mark 700 Years

"The Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, generally known as the Goldsmiths' Company, is unusual among its 11 peers for still being directly linked to Britain's goldsmithing industry - through its assay office, which tests precious metals for sale; the Goldsmiths' Centre, which provides professional training; and its charity, which awards about 4 million pounds ($5.3 million) a year in grants within the industry and to other educational causes." - Rachel Garrahan

The making of the Platinum Jubilee mark

"To celebrate the occasion, the body which oversees UK hallmarking, the British Hallmarking Council, has sanctioned a commemorative component mark.

Designed by Thomas Fattorini Ltd, the mark depicts an orb and can be applied to precious metal, alongside a hallmark, by any one of the four UK Assay Offices." - NAJ

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