Monday 25 January, 2021

Recognising the role of the Antique Plate Committee in protecting consumers

Seated along a long black table in Goldsmiths’ Hall, members of the Antique Plate Committee carefully pass pieces of silver between gloved hands, forensically examining the craftsmanship and hallmarks.
This little-known organisation, founded in 1939, is the only of its type in the world. They meet four times a year to adjudicate on authenticity when no one else can. Members of the committee – including academics, auctioneers and Antique’s Roadshow regular, Alistair Dickinson – provide expert guidance, alongside our specialist jewellery library, to law enforcement on some of the biggest cases of fraudulent silver ever seen.

Their role in helping to protect consumers, through identifying cases of fraudulent silver, was recognised in the I newspaper.

To learn and watch more about the Antique Plate Committee, go here.

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