Wednesday 8 May, 2019

London Craft Week

London Craft Week (8 May – 12 May) is an annual event that showcases exceptional craftmanship through a programme of activities that includes hidden workshop tours, introductions to unknown makers, showcases for celebrated masters, and special events in famous studios, galleries, shops and luxury brand boutiques.

Goldsmiths’ Fair and The Goldsmiths’ Centre will be hosting a series of events during the week as listed below.

Goldsmiths' Fair

Wednesday 8 May: Gemstones: Luxury and Lustre with Joanna Hardy

Home House and Goldsmiths’ Fair present jewellery expert Joanna Hardy in conversation with jewellers Julia Lloyd George and Disa Allsopp. Joanna will share her insights gleaned from working with the world’s most distinguished gemologists and creative jewellers while interviewing two acclaimed British jewellers known for their brilliant use of coloured gemstones: Julia Lloyd George and Disa Allsopp.

Both Julia and Disa have developed signature styles featuring gemstones, yet in completely different ways. Joanna explores their unique approach to gemstones, their inspiration and experience in what promises to be a lively discussion sparkling with insights. Followed by a fine jewellery handling session.

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The Goldsmiths’ Centre

Wednesday 8 May: Engraving Demonstration with Sam Marsden and Louise Sorrell  

6pm - 8pm, £15 (incl. a welcome drink)
Witness the exceptional craftsmanship of master engraver Sam Marsden and apprentice Louise Sorrell in action.

Wed 8 May 2019 - Thu 10 May: The Craft of Cutting Letters - Have-A-Go-Workshops

1pm – 2pm or 3pm – 4pm, £8
Come and have-a-go at chasing, punching or embossing a letter, and gain insight into the craftmanship and skills of a silversmith.

Thursday 9 May: Letter Carving Demonstration with Thomas Sargeant

6pm - 8pm, £15 (includes a welcome drink)
Stone carver, letter cutter and designer Thomas Sargeant will reveal how artists select stone for its different properties and uses, how an artwork is planned and hand lettering and carving techniques.

Friday 10 May: Creative Inspiration Walk: Text in the City

12pm – 2pm, £15 
Join City of London Guide Tina Baxter to explore the craft of cut lettering in the City. You will be guided through the city streets, encountering the rich heritage, stories and skills required to carve, cut and engrave text. 

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