Wednesday 7 February, 2018

The Jacques Cartier Memorial Award

The current display at Goldsmiths' Hall celebrates 60 years of collaboration and continuous partnership between the Goldsmiths’ Craft & Design Council (GC&DC) and Cartier in search of excellence.

Cartier is a long-standing principal patron of the GC&DC, and has sponsored the Jacques Cartier Memorial Award since 1958. The Award recognises exceptional and outstanding craft skills and serves as a benchmark of craftsmanship of the highest order. It is only granted if these demanding criteria have been met. In 59 years the Cartier Award has been given just 38 times.

The names of the winners of the Award are inscribed in the original Jacques Cartier Memorial Gold Book made in 1958. Winners also receive their own gold replica of the book. The Jacques Cartier Award is the perfect way to celebrate craftsmanship that manifests near - or actual - perfection. The Award’s existence continually challenges competition entrants to strive for exceptional and outstanding craftsmanship.

Vases by Fred Rich, winner of the Cartier Award in 2003.

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