Tuesday 31 October, 2017

The Master Craftsman Internship Scheme brings together talented silversmiths

Available to career silversmiths and selected students, the Master Craftsman Internship Scheme (MCIS) is a stimulating residency programme focusing on chasing, engraving, enamelling and/or general silversmithing. Working alongside masters, talented silversmiths - at all levels in their careers - can develop aspects of their practice.

The latest programme, which focused on engraving and silversmithing, brought together skilful designer-makers at Malcolm Appleby’s workshop in rural Grandtully, Scotland. The world-renowned engraver joined forces with special guest Jane Short to lead the five-day event.

Taking part in the Goldsmiths’ Centre sponsored programme were Miriam Hanid, Rauni Higson, Nan Nan Liu, Angus McFadyen, and Shannon O’Neill, all of whom enjoyed experimenting with their work, cross-pollinating ideas and more importantly, making engraving a focal point of the residency.

While Miriam described the experience as a “fusion of different people’s ideas”, Rauni enjoyed the fact that “when you get a bunch of silversmiths in a workshop together, it’s just such a fertile environment”.

For Shannon, the process “opened up a whole other avenue” and Nan Nan noted that she was “very excited to go back to my workshop and start a new journey with engraving”.

Angus elucidated: “Gatherings like this have become more important because somehow we have to address the lack of fundamental teaching at ground level and skills aren’t being taught anymore….this is the best way you can do it!”


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