Friday 4 November, 2016

Goldsmiths' Company Supports the National Theatre

The Goldsmiths' Company are proud to support On Demand in Schools Primary, the second phase of the National Theatre’s digital initiative offering acclaimed curriculum-linked productions free of charge, to schools across the country.

Every primary and secondary school in the UK can now access world-class theatre on demand with Robert Louis Stevenson's classic adventure Treasure Island, the first primary age production to be made available.  The Goldsmiths' Company is supporting the Primary schools On Demand initiative by funding all the streaming of content so that all schools can participate free of charge for the next three years.

Sir Lenny Henry

“The National Theatre was founded with a mission to educate as well as entertain and many of us working in the arts can remember an experience at school – a theatre visit, an inspiring teacher, meeting a professional artist – as the ignition to their career or enduring passion for the art form. If we can engage school children in the arts from an early age, the evidence tells us that they will have an interest in, and desire to, engage in the arts throughout their lifetime.”

National Theatre Treasure Island 2014: Photo: Johan Persso

On Demand in Schools Primary complements trips to see live performances, enabling students to study plays day-to-day in their classroom. The plays are recorded in high definition in front of a live theatre audience by the National theatre’s award-winning NT Live team. Available exclusively to UK schools, comprehensive learning resources produced by teachers and leading artists support each play; teachers can show the full production or watch key scenes over a number of lessons.

Alice King-Farlow, Director of Learning at the NT, said: “On Demand in Schools Secondary has seen over a third of state schools across the UK sign up to the initiative in just one year. That success (and demand) has confirmed our belief that teachers and schools across the UK are passionate about giving young people access to inspirational theatre and embedding the arts as a vital part of the curriculum. We are thrilled to be launching On Demand in Schools Primary and offering children of all age ranges access to world-class theatre in a curriculum-linked, classroom setting.”

Sir Lenny Henry with pupils from the Shenley Academy. Photo: Jack Southwould and Ian Long

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