Wednesday 24 February, 2016

A New Generation of Apprentices

The Library staff have been helping a new generation of apprentices to hone their skills, providing some targeted research sessions in partnership with the Goldsmiths’ Centre.

Last week’s session focused on enamelling. The apprentices had a chance to see a range of technical and art historical sources on enamelling, to discuss the many different enamelling techniques, and to view images of different enamelled pieces of silver and jewellery from practitioners as diverse as Lalique, Falize, Faberge, Fred Rich and Jane Short. As well as assessing different examples they were also asked to write step-by-step plans of selected techniques, discuss methods with their tutor and unearth technical tips. It is hoped that such research sessions will open up the Library resources to a new generation of makers, and support them in their pursuit of a career in the craft.

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