Tijs Broeke

"While the past may provide our foundations, it is the future that determines this identity"

Freeman, Tijs Broeke


I grew up in the Netherlands and studied history, so have always had an affinity with things that have an interesting past. More often than not, companies and organisations with a rich past have a fascinating story to tell in the modern day!

It’s why I feel fortunate to be a common councillor for the Ward of Cheap in the City of London since 2017. With Goldsmiths’ Hall situated within the Ward, it was here that I first learned of the Goldsmiths’ Company and their role as an ancient livery Company in the 21st Century.

Part of being a Livery Company in the modern-day involves many people working together toward a common goal; it is this sense of community and purpose that I am proud to contribute toward, supporting the active trade of goldsmiths and silversmiths, supporting charities throughout the country and forming the living fabric of the City of London.

Being a freeman is about offering my knowledge, experience and expertise to the challenges that the Company will face in the years ahead, as it adapts and changes. The expectation of history is heavy, but there’s also great opportunity as we continue to help the Goldsmiths’ Company thrive and create the stories of national relevance that help define us.

And while the past may provide our foundations, it is the future that determines this identity.

Ward of Cheap

Based in the City, Tijs currently works in the tech sector as government relations lead for HP Inc in the UK, Ireland, Benelux and the Nordics. Having worked for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, and its predecessor the Equal Opportunities Commission, he is passionate about social mobility and promoting a diverse and inclusive City.

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