Annual Lecture 2019: Re-membering the Future of Europe

30 April, 2019
This year's lecture will be given by The Right Reverend and The Right Honourable The Lord Chartres KCVO PC

Following lectures from Dr David Starkey and Dr Tristram Hunt, this year's lecture will survey the emergence of the idea of Europe and its subsequent incarnations. It will reflect on the inspiration offered by the treasury of art stored in the cellars of the European imagination as we Re-Member the Future of Europe for the 21st century. 

Re-membering the Future of Europe

The mythological Europa began life as the daughter of the King of Tyre. She was ravished by Zeus in the form of a bull and carried off to Crete.

In searching for her Cadmus, her brother, is credited with introducing writing to Greece. The later idea of Europe has also been subject to some dramatic transformations. After a brief period of prominence in the 8th century, the concept of Europe faded from view until it was renewed in the 17th century.

Then once again, after World War II, Europe was re-imagined as an answer to the rampant nationalisms which had turned the continent into a vast graveyard in the first half of the 20th century.

Now in an era with resurgent nationalist passions in many countries, the idea of Europe has to be re-examined and its relations with ‘Western values’ reassessed.


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