Christmas Decorations at Goldsmiths' Hall

13 October, 2016 - 22 December, 2016
Some of the most prominent silversmiths working in the UK today have designed and made Christmas tree decorations, on display at the Hall.

Following on from last year's successful display at the National Museum of Scotland in conjunction with the Silversmiths' Art, and at the Hall, we are delighted to showcase a selection of Silversmiths' Christmas Tree decorations once again.

Here is an opportunity to buy a piece of silver by an artist silversmith. If you would like to purchase a decoration, please contact the Silversmith directly. Contact details can be found with their decorations below.


Contact the Makers Directly

Vicki Ambery- Smith    Contact:

Martin Baker    Contact:

Juliette Bigley    Contact:

Abigail Brown    Contact:

Stella Campion   Contact:

Ane Christensen    Contact:

Angela Cork    Contact:

Rebecca de Quin    Contact:

Hamish Dobbie    Contact:

Kirsty Eaglesfield    Contact:

Ndidi Ekubia    Contact:

Richard Fox    Contact:

Rajesh Gogna    Contact:

Mila Tanja Griebel    Contact:

Miriam Hanid    Contact:

Rauni Higson    Contact:

Kathryn Hinton    Contact:

Rebecca Johnson    Contact:

Kyosun Jung    Contact:

Petya Kapralova    Contact:

Anna Lorenz    Contact:

Caroline Lytton    Contact:

Sheila McDonald    Contact:

Wayne Meeten     Contact:

Peter Musson    Contact:

Louise Mary Muttitt    Contact:

Shannon O'Neil    Contact:

Padgham & Putland    Contact:

Chris Perry    Contact:

Mary Ann Simmons    Contact:

Jacqueline Stieger    Contact:  

Hazel Thorn    Contact:

Frances Julie Whitelaw    Contact:

Yusuke Yamamoto    Contact:


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