1327 Fund: FAQ's

We are proud to have launched the 1327 Fund, a new charitable giving scheme for you – members of the Goldsmiths’ Company. If you cannot find the answer to your question below, please don’t hesitate to contact us 1327@thegoldsmiths.co.uk

What is the 1327 Fund?

The 1327 Fund is a new charitable initiative for you, our members, launched in the summer of 2019, to offer more choice and greater flexibility for the giving of every Goldsmith. It replaces the Members’ Charitable Fund (MCF). 

The 1327 Fund enables you to choose to give donations and gifts directly to young people, emerging talent, and established makers in our trade, through the Members’ Training Grants Scheme. Or you can make a gift to our charitable and educational partners whose activities fall within the priority areas of youth, criminal justice, and an ageing population, through the Members’ Charitable Partnerships Scheme. Some members may also choose to donate to both these schemes. 

What has happened to the Members Charitable Fund?

The Members’ Charitable Fund (MCF) has been replaced with the 1327 Fund. All residual funds remaining in the MCF have been donated to the Goldsmiths’ Centre.  If you have a Standing Order set-up to the MCF we would kindly ask you to cancel it and complete a fresh Standing Order form, so your gift can be properly applied to the scheme of your choice within the Fund. Any donations made to the MCF after the [insert date] will be redirected to the 1327 Fund.  

How do I contribute to the 1327 Fund?

The gifts made by every member of the Company will be acknowledged each year by the Prime Warden.  Through the 1327 Fund, together we can continue, in a meaningful way, to build on the Company’s long charitable history of supporting the trade and charitable organisations.

Member of the Goldsmiths’ Company can make gifts to the 1327 Fund by:

  • Setting-up a Standing Order here, or

  • Requesting a personal meeting to discuss how to direct your gift through a codicil to your will or for a designated purpose here

What will happen to my donations to the 1327 Fund now?

All gifts will continue to be received and managed by the Company to ensure the funds are directed to the specific scheme you have selected.  

Members’ Training Grants Scheme

This scheme is a new step in our support both to young people coming into our trade, as well as established professionals.  It could enable us, for the first time in our history, to fund apprenticeships outside London and the South East, and to do so at a level that we could not otherwise afford given our other current financial commitments. A feasibility study is currently being carried out. Members’ contributions would be administered through the Goldsmiths’ Centre Charity and the Scheme managed by the Trade Advisory Sub-Committee of the Goldsmiths’ Centre. 

Members’ Charitable Partnerships Scheme

Members who prefer their contributions to go to non-trade charities will be able to specify that their money should go into this Scheme.  It will be administered by a sub-group of the Charity and Education Committees which would make specific grants from the scheme to charitable / educational partners falling within the Company’s charitable objectives.

Do I have to choose? And can I choose both?

Yes, you must choose, but you can choose to give to both too. You will need to complete two separate Standing Order forms to declare how much you would like to donate to one or both of the schemes.

I already have a standing order set up for the MCF, how do I update my preferences?

Please cancel your old Standing Order and complete a fresh one, so your gift can be properly applied to the scheme of your choice.

  • Request a standing order form here 

How do I learn more about the 1327 Fund?

A convivial way to learn more is to sign-up to attend one of the special Information Events which are being held at Goldsmiths’ Hall, where more information about how to support the 1327 Fund in a tax-efficient manner will be presented.  

These events are also good opportunities to hear updates on the current work and future plans of the Members’ Training Grants Scheme and Members’ Charitable Partnerships Scheme. 

Information Events

If you are still unsure, we are running information events through-out the year where you can find out more about the 1327 Fund. You can sign-up for one of our events below.

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