The 1327 Fund

Help us to grow our impact in support of the next generation of goldsmiths and our charity partners. Your gifts are worth their weight in gold.

The 1327 Fund is a charitable giving initiative for you – our members – launched to offer more choice and greater flexibility for the giving of every Goldsmith.  

You can now choose to give directly to young people, emerging talent, and established makers who are working or aspiring to work in the jewellery, silversmithing and allied industries through the Members’ Industry Scheme (managed by The Goldsmiths' Centre). Or you can make a gift to our charitable and educational partners whose activities fall within the priority areas of youth, criminal justice, and an ageing population through the Members’ Charitable Partnerships Scheme. Some members may also choose to donate to both these important schemes. 

The Goldsmiths’ Company’s purpose is to contribute to national life by supporting our craft, trade and industry and through wider charitable and educational activity. Charity underlines everything we do, and it always has. On the very first page of our earliest surviving Court minute book (from 1334) are the names of people who were living in poverty and being supported by the Company’s charity. 

It's clear that from our beginnings, The Goldsmiths' Company understood the importance of helping each other and our communities. That is why we encourage all our members to give to the 1327 Fund. We want to be proud to say that our generation of Goldsmiths' members are contributing in the same spirit of philanthropy as previous generations.

Goldsmiths' Company Apprentice, Alexander Wood competing at WorldSkills 2017 in Abu Dhabi

What is the Members’ Industry Scheme?

Support to emerging talent and established makers in our industry is now being delivered by The Goldsmiths' Centre. Your funds will be put towards key initiatives:

  • The potential expansion of The Goldsmiths' Company Apprenticeship Scheme outside of London and the Southeast
  • Engaging young people through schools' outreach programmes to put craft back at the heart of school education and reinvigorate a passion amongst the next generation of makers
  • Supporting the goldsmithing community through career development grants to innovate and improve their practice
  • Developing specialist training for young people to grow their skills.

The Goldsmiths’ Centre is the UK’s leading charity for the professional training of goldsmiths, which brings together emerging and established craftspeople with those interested in jewellery, silversmithing and the allied industries.

Foundation Programme 2016-2017 - The Goldsmiths' Centre

What is the Members’ Charitable Partnerships Scheme?

Support to charitable and educational partners can be given for those activities that fall within our priority areas of youth, criminal justice, and an ageing population.  With your help, our ambition is to fund additional projects and programmes that are beyond the current support of the Company’s Charity. 

This scheme will be managed by the Goldsmiths’ Company Charity to ensure a co-ordinated and well-focused response to these pressing needs.

Magic Breakfast providing healthy school breakfasts to children at risk of hunger in the UK

How to make your gift:

If you are a Member of the Goldsmiths’ Company and you would like to make a gift to the 1327 Fund, please click the button below to download the forms.

Discover more about the Company's charitable work


We are proud to have launched the 1327 Fund, a new charitable giving scheme for you – members of the Goldsmiths’ Company.


Find out more about the Company's charitable partnerships and activities.

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