Goldsmiths' Hall

The Goldsmiths' Hall

Positioned at the junction of Foster Lane and Gresham Street, north east of St. Paul's Cathedral, the magnificent Hall, opened in 1835, is one of London's hidden treasures.

The Hall is the third on this site, the Goldsmiths' Company being located here since 1339. Little is known of the first Hall but the second was erected in 1634-6 and restored after the Great Fire of 1666. It lasted for almost two centuries, but was eventually demolished in the late 1820s. The present Hall, by Philip Hardwick, remains much as he designed it, although there have been changes to the decorative schemes and the use of rooms. The Hall narrowly escaped complete destruction when in 1941 a bomb exploded inside the south-west corner. Faithfully restored on the exterior after the War and internally modified, it retains much of the charm of an urban palazzo. A major refurbishment which was completed in 1990 has further adapted this great building for the 21st century.

The Hall is available for meetings, conferences, concerts, dinners and other functions. For details of room available take a look inside.

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Booking Goldsmiths' Hall

All bookings for Goldsmiths' Hall require the approval of the Court of Wardens.

To obtain the Terms and Conditions, specimen letters of application and costs for booking Goldsmiths' Hall apply to the Hallkeeper.

Disabled Access

A dedicated access for wheelchair users is situated on the south side of the building.

There are disabled toilet facilities and lifts for access to the public rooms if required.

For further information about Goldsmiths' Hall, contact the Hallkeeper.