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Braybrook & Britten

Braybrook & Britten are essentially silversmiths by post (or by internet). We stock over 250 solid silver gift ideas from claret jugs to cufflinks & jewellery, including work from Britain's premier designer silversmiths. Our 54 page catalogue is free, your order is usually delivered to you within 48 hours. Request the catalogue via our website www.braybrook.co.uk (where you can order securely) or drop us an email braybrookbritten@tcsnet.co.uk. Masses of great gift ideas, from £25 to £2,500. Friendly & knowledgeable staff on 020 8993 7334 (Mon-Fri 9.30am-5.30pm).

Park Parade

Tel: 020 8993 7334
Fax: 020 8993 7335

Email: sales@braybrook.co.uk

URL: http://www.braybrook.com

Designers and craftsmen who have listed this gallery as selling their work:
Fenn, Howard
Kelly, Rod
McFadyen, Angus
Merriman Silver, 
Pugh, Martyn